Welcome! DFC Student Loan Application Portal

Please note the following:

  1. Click here to see a tutorial video of this Portal and How to Apply Online".
  2. For students under 18, you must complete this online application with a parent/guardian; They would need to provide financial information and upload legal documents
  3. DFC’s Education Loans are available to Belizeans and Belizean Residents only.
  4. DFC provides student loans for vocational training, Internships, tertiary and higher education only. We do NOT provide loans for primary school or high school education.
  5. After your COMPLETE submission has been received, a DFC Representative will respond to you in 1 business day. You will receive a formal response if your application has been approved or denied between 10 to 23 Business days. If approved, disbursement of your loan follows.
  6. IMPORTANT: Please see, the list of Requirements you will need for this student loan application - this includes a list of documents you are required to provide and should have digital copies readily available to be uploaded.
  7. We recommend completing your application on a laptop or desktop computer